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About us

Ciro Romano and Gianfranco Iannello started this venture in 2001 with a new, ambitious goal: to develop integration products aimed to a wider, international market.

Our mission

Our mission has been clear from the very start: to provide all SMEs with the integration know-how our founders, Ciro Romano and Gianfranco Iannello, gained in their years of experience.


Founder of the GreenVulcano Technologies group

After some initial success with E@I services solutions, the board decided it time to take system integration to the next level. From this, GreenVulcano Technologies was born into a firm devoted to a new product-driven business model, to develop and sell proprietary software solutions.

E@I Software is part of the business network “Frontiere”.

Our offering

Our Board

Our Technology Services

Strategic IT Advisoring

We design, implement and manage innovative technologies to help organizations to address the more adaptable plans for their environment.


Our Solution Architects support and train the companies that choose our IoT Platform.

We always suggest our customers the most appropriate choice in an end-to-end value proposal, involving both our and best-of-breed, third parties’ technologies.

Application Integration

We follow the “event-driven” company model. We design and implement any integration architecture (SOA paradigm based) respecting our customers’ goals to reach their ROI.

Training and Certifications

Our internal Academy is structured to cover the internal needs of all our premium clients. Particularly appreciated are courses focused on the IoT Enterprise middleware platform.

Data Integration

We support all types of Data Integration and we are strongly versed in Data Transformation and ETL by IBM technologies.

Our experts

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